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One solution, choose from hundreds of experiences

Every person is unique. Not a single person in the world has exactly the same interests. With the most intuitive and powerful products, as well as the hundreds of experiences to choose from, your employees can pick what they love, share it with their loved ones and create memories alone or together.

A world of wow!

Mojo Gifts are helping companies to let employees and business relations uncover breathtaking experiences all over the world. Making the change to experiences will have a real impact on your team’s motivation and morale.

Easy to use

We provide a comprehensive set of frameworks to manage every part of the gifting process. You don’t need to worry about gift ideas, packages or shipping, we take care of it with meticulous attention to detail. With the right tools in place, you can focus on what’s most important: enabling employees to be motivated.

Motivate with gifts that your people really love.

When employees have access to the best experiences and services, they’re happier and more engaged. With something for everyone to like and an engaged and personalized Customer Experience Department we are sure that your people will love Mojo Gift.

A partner network full of experts

To help give your employees the best experiences, we've partnered with some of the leading companies in leisure, retail. wellness, gastronomy and fashion. One might look for an indulgent spa treatment, while some would love a romantic dinner for two or perhaps something more adventurous. With Mojo you’ll have access to experts in any field around the world.

Integrate Mojo Gift into your company

Whether you are part of a multinational, have hundreds of employees or have a smaller company and want to reward your employees or customers, we are 100% convinced that Mojo Gift is the right solution. Connect with your personal account manager or leave a message below so that one of our corporate solutions experts can assist you with integrating Mojo Gifts into your company.

Innovative Loyalty Solutions

Grow your brand with Mojo Gift

Our extensive and mind-blowing Mojo Gift cards make an ideal range from which to select the perfect gift. Whether you would like to thank your loyal clients, motivate your distribution network, increase consumer participation or boost your sales with attractive prizes or giveaways. Mojo Gift is your dream partner.

Going above & beyond your ideas

Mojo Gift is the perfect solution if you want to bring value to your marketing or promotional initiatives or want to

◦ Grow customer visit frequency

◦ Expand mid-term market share

◦ Increase basket value

◦ Differentiate from your competition

◦ Attract new customers

Our team of experts can create state of the art and innovative solutions for your projects, there is no need to limit your imagination. We can make it possible. .

Worldwide Team of Professionals

Our team of experienced professionals is active worldwide and can support you with ideas and various options for reward-, loyalty- and incentive programs. Let’s team-up and create the best reward program for your business..

Only the best results

Regardless of your location and the scale of your project, our loyalty experts are dedicated to getting the best results out of your programs. We are able to develop custom- built, fully branded programs that are specifically designed for your business.

Contact us to grow your business and brand loyalty with Mojo Gift.

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